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#FANARTFRIDAY: Idylls of the King Kirby

This week’s #FANARTFRIDAY celebrates one of the most prolific and widely-inspirational creators in American comics: Jack “The King” Kirby. In the 1940s and 50s, Kirby’s pioneered dynamic narrative illustration, a distinct abstract visual iconography, and stories of fallible heroes with feet of clay. He created or co-created some of the most iconic superheroes of the 20th century including Thor, the incredible Hulk, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. One of beagleman’s favorite Kirby creations is the mother box, a device that appears in the visionary New Gods and Fourth World series in the DC Comics Universe. The mother box is a sentient, portable supercomputer of seemingly limitless potential that predates the smartphone by nearly half a century. These fictional devices...
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#FANARTFRIDAY is beagleman's way of celebrating anything and everything we love in popular culture. We're kicking off with a literal celebration of love: 2016 NC Pride! For more information on the weekend's events, check out . Ben's illustration of some of his favorite LGBTQ comics characters in front of the historic Carolina Theater in Durham, NC reminds us that, in the words of David Bowie, we can be heroes. Every last one of us! 
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