the beaglemans - Ben Bolling & Jon Cochran

essentials for extraordinary people

beagleman’s was founded in 2016 by Jon Cochran and Ben Bolling to create bold lifestyle essentials that empower every BODY to be EXTRAORDINARY. From genderless streetwear staples to skincare necessities, we perfect classics that bring comfort, confidence, and flair to your personal style.

why beagleman’s

“The name came from wanting to reference Savile Row in London. Everything there is made-to-order, bespoke. It’s also where folks might get a closet’s worth of clothes made. A complete wardrobe. beagleman’s is about the feel of the fabrics, the cut of the jacket; it’s the details of our clothes that make us want to wear them everyday. We also realized beagleman sounded like a family name and we are a family company. We’re the beaglemans, this is what we wear and how we live—be a part of our family!” — Jon

“The dog. It was always about the dog.”— Ben

our story

“If I remember correctly it was 2013 when we first started working on what would eventually become beagleman’s. Jon and I were both frustrated with the t-shirts in our closet: rough fabrics, faded colors, boring graphics.  So— we set out to find the softest, most comfortable, and flattering t-shirts available. Then we built our first screen printing machine in our attic and started experimenting with graphic design. All these years later, super soft t-shirts remain a beagleman’s signature. And some of those early graphics— like The Stripe— continue to be among our most popular tees.” —Ben

“When we were getting started— doing local markets and pop-up shops— we were careful to listen to what customers were looking for. Certain pieces or shapes would consistently come up in conversation. But so often, shoppers couldn’t find clothes that felt exciting or inspired. So from the beginning, that sort of engagement with our customers challenged us to create pieces essential to every wardrobe. Rather than creating items people felt like they should have in their closet, we wanted our clothes to be the essentials people want to wear.” —Jon

a sustainable future

The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. Wasteful production practices and a mentality that prizes disposable clothing have dire consequences for our planet. beagleman’s operates on a made-to-order model that honors the labor of the craftspeople who make our products and reduces waste and pollution associated with most fashion production.

for every body

beagleman’s is queer owned and operated. Empowering all people to feel comfortable and confident in expressing their unique personal style is a core goal of our brand.