Meet Lyle Beagleman!

Lyle is here to help you express yourself with dynamic and animated beaglemoji stickers you can put anywhere in your chat.

* Scale, rotate, and layer stickers—even place them on photos you send and receive! Add fun to your iMessages with the beagleman's beaglemoji sticker pack and join the conversation.



* Access iMessage apps—Tap the App Store icon beside the chat field to see your most recently used iMessage app.

* Find new stickers—First tap the App Store icon, then tap the 4-ovals icon in the lower left to bring up the app drawer. Then, tap the + icon to access the Store.

* Use stickers in chat—Tap to send, or touch and hold to put stickers on top of a bubble, other stickers, photos, and videos.

* Apple Watch (iOS 3), iPhone & iPad users (iOS 10)—Transform your chat with animated stickers! Earlier iOS versions and other platforms will see static stickers in chat.



SEND dynamic and animated stickers in chat

PLACE stickers anywhere on your iMessages

CUSTOMIZE your photos with stickers in chat

LAYER stickers over each other, in chat, and on photos

SCALE & ROTATE stickers

 Stickers include:

* Be Cool Animation
* What's Up? Animation
* Heart Eyes Animation
* Dancing Animation
* Some Beagle Loves You Animation
* Skeptical Animation
* LOL Animation
* OMW! Animation
* Wink Animation
* Clapping Animation
* Beagle Kiss
* Beagle LOL
* Beagle Cry
* Beagle Cool
* Beagle Nerd
* Beagle Money
* Beagle Worried
* Beagle Shocked
* Beagle Exercise
* Beagle Awkward
* Beagle Single Tear
* Beagle Zipped
* Beagle Asleep
* Beagle Crazy
* Beagle Happy
* Beagle Angry
* Paw Thumbs Up
* Paw Praise Hands
* Paw Fist Bump
* Paw Peace Sign